Help bring back Democracy By the People and For the People

Why Vote for Rob Chatlos?

Quality leadership is a reflection of yourself.

Why? I'm tough, justified in my anger, focused, smart and I don't care which side is causing the problems, wrong is wrong. Loyalty and respect is a two way street. The only thing I fear is inaction and denial. So, if you want to beat the incumbent we are going to have make some changes in the way we do business. If you want change the way we do business we are going to have to make some changes in people. My campaign is a rare opportunity for Hoosiers to put their money where their mouth is, unite a divided constituency, and challenge  people to rethink their attitudes about what role government plays in a true democracy. "I can compromise on a lot of things, the truth ain't one of them."

Donald Trump should not be president. Shelli Yoder should not have lost to a political imposter from Tennessee. She certainly is more qualified and was clearly genuine in her desire to actually serve the needs of Hoosiers over the current incumbent. So why? Why are we losing? That is the multi billion dollar question the Democratic party has been asking. I know the answer.

At a time in our Nation's history when facts have become the political fodder of the disciplined and well educated, there has been little recognition by those we traditionally depend upon to solve our problems to remain relevant. Nothing can completely prepare any individual no matter their training or expertise for the current circumstances at hand. This is why even the most trained experienced pilot can make a tragic error in judgement or action.

As a remedy, I do not recommend we leave the flying to the passengers, anymore than I recommend leaving the task of public policy to fools or the corrupt. What I do recommend is that we embrace the diversity of the American people to fulfill our Constitutional obligations of self governance. Not just our diversity in skin color, race, religion, age, gender, or sexual preference, but also (and just as important) life style, occupation, education, economic status, background, practical experience, and aptitude. If the Democratic Party actually wants to know what will win over the working class.........may I suggest electing them into office. Intelligence, wisdom and virtue are not sole possessions of the political, financial or academic elite, left or right.

Let me be clear. None of my opposition candidates in the Democratic Party will win District 9 in the Midterm Election should I lose the Primary. It pains me to say that and I understand that is a provocative, even dividing prediction and I apologize to Liz, Dan and their supporters, sincerely. However, I insist that my conclusions are accurate and drawn from careful and thoughtful assessment of our current circumstances. I am not concerned with losing votes over such a direct and sincere statement. I never had those people's votes anyway. This is actually somewhat of an agonizing reality woven into the mission of my candidacy and to be fair to my opponents, a conclusion drawn long before I knew any of them. 

That is a bitter pill to swallow if you are a motivated Democrat or anyone struggling to make ends meet in Southern Indiana. While maintaining sympathetic regards to my counterparts, I am also unapologetic in my assessment and I consider it my civic duty to ensure the people in my community have loyal representation that actually reflects the majority of hard working Hoosiers. I can do this, therefore I must. It really is that simple for me. I understand my predictions may be viewed by some as provocative and unfounded. My intent is not one to create controversy. It is to instill reality. We are in serious deep trouble and if you do not understand how or why, I'm afraid you are a contributing part of the problem.

I have observed enough from the political establishment within my community on both sides of the isle to see little has changed in incentive to focus on the working and middle class. Talk is talk, and activism is not the same as productivity if it doesn't bring positive results. To fellow party members, please understand the difference. Just because our side is the loudest this time doesn't mean we will get the changes we are entitled too. Real change, sustainable change costs us something. Donald Trump and Trey Hollingsworth are the product of deep long standing issues in American politics and culture. Those issues must be overcome before we can move forward with sustainable progress.

The insanity has to stop. There has been an epic shift in our political structure and world order. The Democratic Party has failed to assess, respond and remain relevant to the threats against our Democracy. Progress is not two steps forward and three steps back. The ultra wealthy, along with international organized crime, rogue states, corrupt politicians and contemptuous propagandists have enjoyed a lack of meaningful opposition for decades.

Consequentially, that trend has culminated in the election of a dangerous completely corrupt President and enabling Congress that has little or no incentive to fulfill their Constitutional obligations to the American people. The displacement has set an alarming precedent for our government's system of checks and balances, while allowing for the obscene consolidation of wealth and power that our nation's founders so passionately warned against.

I actually view the deficiency in political opposition as a threat to our national security. My concerns are not unfounded and we must respect the situation at hand by recognizing our vulnerabilities as a divided and misinformed people. Historically speaking, this may be our defining hour. It's pretty serious folks. Serious enough for me to run for Congress when other's believe they are entitled by convention, money, status or personal accomplishments. It hasn't been fun for me and I am truly here for your benefit. My personal code of ethics has led me to surrender my privacy, my happiness, my independence, and my family's priorities where others are better supported. 

Facing reality can be unpleasant. Ignoring or altering reality will destroy a civilization.  2018 is still on the shoulders of the American people. If you, the citizens of District 9 want meaningful change, you will have to upset our political system before democracy as specified in our Constitution can be restored. History has been unkind to societies that take their civic responsibilities for granted. Essentially, a principled candidate will promise nothing and offer only challenges to potential voters. Political idealism, foolery, self fulfillment, bigotry, violence, denial or complaining on Facebook isn't going to make America great again, I know because I've tried the Facebook thing.

The reason you should vote for me is that I am exactly the type of person the establishment doesn't want. Strong, authentic, objective, intelligent, qualified, honest, direct, loyal and will remain equally accountable to every citizen in our district. Not only am I informed, I am responsibly informed with great respect given to all constituents to identify, prioritize and confront our most serious concerns while continuing to invest in tomorrow.  I have heard for years how government will never change. It will if you care enough to vote for the right people for the right reasons. Voting isn't enough anymore. Participating isn't enough anymore. Now you must understand. I will not do your part, but I will reflect your effort with clarity and strength. Sometimes holding public office requires a person to wield a heavy hammer and hit hard. It takes even greater strength to swing the hammer to hit softly with precision. Wisdom is knowing when to apply the correct amount of force.

I will never abandon my principles, nor forsake or isolate the people of this District because I am not invested in my ego, my politics, my achievements, or my wallet. This is our time to stand or fall as we are not exempt from the pitfalls of greed and division. I'm 100% all in and ready to fight. I'm invested in each of you regardless of any differences we may have. Some of you are neighbors, my friends, or my family, but all of us are indebted to each other, our past and our future as Americans. I challenge you to understand the vested interest we share in being one people before it is too late. The clock is ticking.