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Why You Should Have Voted for Rob Chatlos?

Too late now.

1.) Liz Watson will lose the mid term election, you damned fools. I resent the stupidity and selfishness of those embracing her campaign because winning the house back is now a matter of national security at this point. "The Blue Wave" may not be enough as it is and I deeply question the efficacy and credibility of the Democratic Party as a viable platform to overcome the serious threats to our democracy and our national cohesion. We are in big trouble and I simply do not see the leadership or attitudes necessary to facilitate unity among the broadest possible constituency. It will cost us. Probably more than you could ever imagine. I think what troubles me most is that people don't care enough (or care about others enough) to learn from their mistakes. Quite frankly I think candidate Watson is such a mismatch for this congressional race and the 9th District generally speaking that I almost have to ask if it isn't on purpose. I have no idea what ulterior motives people have these days, but it usually isn't service to others.

...and I would have:

2.) Brought different people together.

3.) Changed the who, why, and how people are elected. 

4.) Exposed corruption without partisanship. 

5.) Renewed interest in civic participation.

6.) Educated people. 

7.) Been a game changer in passing progressive legislation.

8.) Listened.

9.) Won.