Help bring back Democracy By the People and For the People


When we work together.

Agenda - Helping all people come together to reflect the best of America through democracy. 

Pre-Election Platform

* Unity, With a Focus on Inclusion for Restoring Democracy. 

* Free and Fair Elections Next November.

* Educate Constituency - Race, Religion, Identity and Internet Politics, Identifying Problems 

Post Election Platform

*Opioid and drug addiction.

*Firearms Regulation Reforms

*Contain Foreign Influencing of our Democracy, Restore NATO to meet 21st century threats.

*Cyber Security Public/Private

*Single Payer Healthcare Coverage 100% for All Citizens

* 100% Renewable Energy Power Production for North America by 2030. Implement CO2 Tax.

* National Defense - 21st Century Military for 21st Century Threats. Strengthen NATO.

* Election Integrity and Campaign Finance Reform - End Citizens United.

Public Education Funding and Reforms  - Government Paid College Tuition.

Immigration Reform, DACA, Pathway to Citzenship, Identify and Punish ICE Abuses in Power.

Minimum Wage Increased to Reflect Actual Cost of Living. 


Tax Increases for the Ultra Wealthy - Capital Gaines etc.

Consumer Protections - Net Neutrality, Banking, Communications.

Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure, Economy and Trade

Criminal Justice Reform - Limit For Profit Prisons and Reverse Erosion of Civil Liberties.

* Extremely Important (High Priority)

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Campaign Platforms are essentially wish lists or more accurately defined as "wishful thinking" lists these days. I believe they have become flawed patronizing litmus tests that lead candidates to a career of lying before they even get to serve their first day in office. Remember, actual policy is made after election day and there are almost infinite obstacles and variables that can leave a well intentioned candidate to deviate from their platform. Sometimes it's on purpose and we've been "fooled", other times there are extenuating circumstances that force elected office holders to take on other responsibilities. I expect to have a "triage" situation by the the time I'm sworn into office in 2019. a.k.a  A Big Mess. Candidates will have to be prepared for an endless array of crisis and unforeseen problems that our current president and congress will leave us. I am already thinking way ahead. I'll be ready.

 Obviously the primary objective is to win the election. However, I believe political campaigns can be used to be "hands on" problem solving machines all the way to victory. "Campaigning with service and purpose", innovation and creativity is one way to demonstrate the "true" objectives of the candidate by serving the public good from day one with the campaign. It's all about you......well, us.