Second Amendment

“God made man, Smith and Wesson made him equal.” How about responsible?

What I want.

*Lower taxes on certain ammunition. Yes, lower.

*NRA sponsorship of all first time buyers. In addition to gun sales other than private transactions. Let them "vouch or sponsor" for the safety and credibility of a gun buyer or sale after government background checks and requirements are satisfied. 

*Conceal and carry standardization in all 50 states. People are confused and gun permits should be similar in function and reciprocity as a drivers license. The ambiguity and disinformation is unfair and dangerous. I have no idea myself what all the laws are for where and why. 

*Removal of the Dickey Amendment so the CDC can study gun violence in our country.

*Simplify, standardize gun laws and purchase regulations. Once again people are horribly confused and often break laws or disqualify themselves unintentionally from state to state. It's ridiculous and unsafe. People should know clearly where they stand as well as gun dealers. We don't want people walking off with a gun they shouldn't have.

*Steep tax increase on fire arms other than bolt action hunting rifles and shotguns. Tax hikes that get people talking, and I hope they do. America? You want your guns, we should pay for the damage they cause. I have no problem generating and personally paying for tax revenue this way to clean up the mess after someone throws a tantrum. 

*NICS is often slow and ambiguous. If a citizen is denied or delayed their civil right to a firearm they should be notified with specific and articulable reason(s) promptly.

*First time buyers - Wait time 3 months, extensive background check and regulation fulfillment. Mandatory safety training by certified NRA instructor that requires the NRA to "vouch" for the applicant's/purchaser's training and gun sale (the training may be waived for qualified buyers such as service members). We can do it for cars, we can do it for guns. After that you are good to go.

*No assault rifle sales to first time gun buyers. Wait time minimum 3 months after first time gun purchase. Mandatory safety training by certified NRA instructor that requires the NRA to "vouch" for the applicant's/purchaser's training and gun sale (training may not be waived). I want face to face contact and communication with this initial purchase. After that you are good to go.

*No mandatory cosmetic changes to semi automatic assault rifle appearance as it is benign in its lethality. I am in favor of banning bump stocks and sale of clips over 30 rounds.  

*"Gun court" where people can arbitrate their purchase denials or receive waivers for hunting and peaceful recreation. Domestic abuse should not necessarily ban someone for life from a hunting rifle. Some folks eat that way you know.

*The NRA to take responsibility for the organizations shift from gun safety and community service to one of propaganda and terroristic overtones, and I do not believe the NRA serves the best interest of it's members. If the NRA's agenda is to protect the 2nd Amendment and advocate for the responsible sale and ownership of firearms it has chosen a method that is contrary to American values and will ultimately cause severe enough backlash in public sentiment that society will over compensate for the lobbying group's irresponsibility and lax attitude toward reasonable gun safety laws. People are becoming impatient and I'm one of them.

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Look folks, we have a lot of guns in this country. Approximately 350 million, and those are just the ones we know about. For better or worse gun ownership is big part of our country’s identity and I think it would be a terribly divisive and perhaps violent outcome if we try to confiscate all or some of the weapons that already exist. They are simply ubiquitous and I happen to own several myself, some of which are controversial and cause for heated arguments that I’ve had among my friends and family. I enjoy the occasional recreational use of my guns and I used to hunt years ago when I had the time. After I’m done having fun, the guns go right back into my safe and I’m the only one with access. Period. 

The second amendment gives us the “right to bear arms” but it seems to fall short of doing so responsibly. That I blame squarely on the national administrative leadership of the NRA. The National Rifle Association seems to no longer be an organization that represents the interests of responsible safe gun owners. It was to advocate for gun safety, good citizenship, wellness and gun laws that were in harmony with American values and respect for the responsibility of gun ownership and most importantly, people. 

Today the NRA is nothing more than a lobbying group for gun manufacturers to pump as many guns into our neighborhoods and communities across the country to maximize profits, create a class of angry fearful Americans that think their 2nd Amendment rights are in jeopardy (when they are not) and dare I say even promote societal decay in our urban areas. The result has been no less than horrific and the acceptance of such ideals is in complete conflict with American values and respect for our 2nd Amendment and the responsibilities that must not be disassociated. I am encouraged by my discussions with other gun owners and local NRA members in my community. No good man or woman would agree putting guns in the hands of those that dishonor our 2nd Amendment Rights through murder and violence is smart or justified. Yet somehow we've become complacent in respecting the lethality of guns in an otherwise civil society.  I’m calling upon my fellow gun owners to simply be responsible and honorable enough to look at ways we can buy our guns with minimizing the opportunity for the wrong people to have them. Please.

I propose a longer wait time for “first time” gun buyers for which they must receive appropriate training, guidance, and a proper back ground check. We must have consensus that will foster a relationship with each other so we may learn to identify people that might not have the best interests at hand when making that first time purchase. Most of the mass shootings we have witnessed are by far first time buyers that use their weapon within a short period of time after the purchase to inflict their twisted vengeance. It is just not excuses.  Not in a country that remains steadfast in holding on to the right of gun ownership.

We can do better. The NRA must understand that protecting our Second Amendment Rights calls for the responsible sale and ownership of the guns we are entitled to have.  Public sentiment will reach a tipping point that will no longer tolerate the isolated yet catastrophic violence that continues to plague our nation and I truly wish to head off a constitutional showdown that will divide our country over a long standing tradition. I have resentment exercising our Second Amendment rights when there is so much fear, damage, death and division when we really could make a few negligible changes in the sales process to ensure every gun gets a responsible owner.

We are not going to find a perfect solution to this problem. There are too many variables and too many guns, but I’m asking for gun owners (including myself) to please start thinking about how this civil liberty can be so destructive when we don’t care about the unintended consequences. Have a heart and be courageous, true Americans aren't cowards or martyrs. The door is wide open on this issue, let’s talk.  


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