Respect is required if unity is desired.

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*People to recognize respect is a two way street. Don't expect me to answer your brand of crazy with warm accolades. We all have "issues" yet most of us don't make others pay for it. Get help. Mike...Pence.

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Respect for the constituency is the absolute hallmark of being a public servant. Unfortunately, the value of respect has been largely marginalized not only in politics, but in our daily lives. People deserve and are entitled to respect. In fact, observance is so critical to the stability of society that we have seen the horrific consequences of overlooking this very basic human need throughout history.  Self respect generally compensates for the lack of respect we receive from each other, but I think we can all agree that we have become disenfranchised by our government as it no longer serves or respects the majority.

Note that respect is subjective and being respected means different things to different people. Donald Trump is quite effective in leading his supporters to believe that they aren’t getting the respect they deserve from the government or various segments of society. I concur. However, I think the expectations of all Americans has exceeded our ability to define them. We must not forget that the government is a reflection of ourselves. We the people own the government and the majority must not neglect the responsibility of participating in how we expect to be treated. I’m afraid there are no substitutions for personal involvement when it comes to democracy. There are no quick fixes. Yes, we elect others to do our work in place of us in government, but our wishes will not be respected or even considered until we demand a higher caliber of representative that will respect our equality and human dignity before our ability to fund their campaigns. We must stop rewarding disrespect.

Money seems to be the medium used for earning respect in American society, especially politics. It also continues to be derived from other means such as skin color, age, sex, religion, fame, and zip code. However, I think we all can agree the person with the most money has the most leverage when it comes to influencing public policy. It is the law of the jungle, but it is not the law of the land.  Don’t forget it. The Constitution demands we have equal treatment and an equal voice under the law. A homeless person lying in the gutter has just the same amount of influence and protection afforded under our laws as the multi billionaires showering our candidates with money.  We need to exercise our constitutional rights now more than ever to ensure we are getting the respect we are entitled too. I personally believe genuine democracy will not be restored until American voters reject the substandard, compromised and unprincipled politicians that party politics and corruption have forced upon us in the wake of our indifference. We must respect ourselves, our country and our legacy enough to make the necessary changes in government representation, leadership and of course policy. No one will do it for us.

If I can impress upon my potential voters one value that must not be overlooked, I will reiterate that we must demand the respect we are entitled to by having the self respect required to be involved in our democratic process. Reject those that are vague in their intent to fairly represent us in exchange for big promises.  Understand true respect is fostered through selflessness, humility and a channel of open communication by an honorable representative that seeks to improve the lives of all by dismissing the bribes of the few.  Nothing will change until we respect our responsibility and freedom to vote for people that will unconditionally respect our dignity as Americans, as Hoosiers, and human beings. Please have the courage to accept that we can do better. I know we can, because this time……we must.


Help bring back Democracy By the People and For the People