Religious Freedom

Nothing says we are more free than to believe what we want.

What I want.

*Observance of the Constitution and repeal/prevent any laws that favor   religious authority over civil rights/law.

*Protect churches from taxation

*Monitor Mike Pence and other religious zealots that attack religious freedom through legislation that forces unification of church and state.

*Work with communities to promote ecumenical alliances that will welcome and affirm all peaceful religious diversity.

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I am a fierce supporter of religious freedom. The best way to protect religious liberty is to keep the line between the separation of church and state. I simply do not understand why certain politicians wish to blur the line with "Freedom of Religion" type legislation that politicizes the sacred relationship that exists between people and their faith.  Mike Pence as Indiana's governor infamously adopted legislation that essentially exploits  people's core religious values as a weapon to impose law that is neither constitutional nor helpful in protecting people from anything. In fact these types of laws give legitimacy for less well meaning organizations the power to discriminate and defend their beliefs under the law. 

For example, what if a religious cult owned the only laundromat in your town and could legally ban Christians from using it. First, I would say you have a big problem in your town and I would hold a washing machine fundraiser for everyone immediately. Next I would call up the author of my state's "Freedom of Religion" law to explain to me how something I use to take for granted everyday just became a political/religious feud over having clean cloths. 

We keep church and state separate, and commerce neutral so that everything doesn't come to a grinding halt. We all have different beliefs on religion and I think it's perverse to use our most sacred beliefs to divide us when we all know we are never going to agree on certain things. Religion and democracy can be perfectly congruent, but they are not interchangeable. Our prosperity is dependent upon this distinction and the founders of this country were extremely wise to include this protection.

I have a question for politicians touting these laws. "Are you really trying to protect our religious freedom, or are you trying to impose your beliefs on the rest of us because you can't reconcile with the fact that we all are required to have equal protection under the law?"  Please, bring your religious virtue with you everywhere you go, even in government. God knows we need more respect, kindness, tolerance and compassion. Just leave the hate and judgement nonsense at home please, it's ugly and unnecessary.


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