Opioid Epidemic

It's not a political issue, it's a health crisis.

What I want. 

*Immediate robust funding package for in and out patient treatment facilities, councilors, emergency services, social services and CPA, law enforcement and U.S. Customs targeting opioids at the border, needle exchange programs, Narcan distribution and training.

*Legalize marijuana for medical use at a minimum. Opioids are chemicals that cause physical and psychotropic changes with humans. Good scientific research has indicated that marijuana helps overcome addiction impulses and painful withdrawal symptoms. 

*Mandatory in patient treatment for all overdose citizens. 

*Education for High School students on the consequences of opioid use.

*Single payer expansion of Medicare.  

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Western Europe was prepared in advance of their opioid epidemic because much of the continent had universal health coverage and services already in place. We have a lot of catching up to do. The problem is going to take an "all hands on deck" approach to getting ahead of the issue. 

I understand the frustration of people that believe this is an issue of personal responsibility. Unfortunately the consequences of the epidemic are quite public. Death, crime, burden on law enforcement and tax revenues, children and the CPA, schools, on and on. We can't turn our backs on the problem, and most people understand that we can't let it go. It is a demoralizing cancer on our society that everyone is affected by. Hell, I can watch from my bedroom the drug deals that take place at the church across the road from me. I have needles thrown out on my property. I'm well aware of the problem. 



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