National Defense

21st Century Defense for 21st Century Threats

What I want. 

*Increase or reallocate defense spending for NATO.

*Cancel all defense contracts with adversarial countries.   

*Decrease or eliminate spending on poor performing programs.  

*Audit DHS and eliminate or downsize as required.

*Increase budget for State Department.

*Bolster funding and support for mission continuity between branches  of the military. Joint operations are key to 21st century defense.

*Cyber security dominance with offensive capabilities. 

*Overhaul nuclear weapons systems. Eliminate hazardous venues. 

*Support and fund multi-domain/dimensional dominance by offering our troops and their families with top pay and services.

*Reduce or eliminate dependence of corporate privatization of wartime military functions. The military is to fight our wars not Wall Street.

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Adversarial threats are multi-dimensional and multi-domain, obviously requiring global capability. I will elaborate more on the direction I think we need to go with our military and where we need to spend our money. I'm afraid part of the job of being the United States is spending a lot of money on defense. If we don't "they" will. We can be smart about it though. I will certainly be happy to discuss what our greatest threat has been since last November. 


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