The freedom to do the right thing.

What I want.

*People to stop trying to legislate morality. Privacy is a wonderful thing, but so is freedom of expression. If democracy isn't your bag, that's ok. Just be aware others will utilize it for you.  

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We live in an era of politics where doing the right thing is considered naive, and corruption is actually viewed as a celebrated necessity.  What I find most perverse are the politicians (and the people that vote for them) that take on the likeness of integrity, righteousness and moral supremacy while denying the very core of human decency………that being compassion, kindness and humility. The hypocrisy is nothing new and we’ve simply become the current generation accustomed to corruption as being a normal condition of politics.  Apathy and self imposed ignorance is just as corrosive as those that wish to exploit or destroy society through the appearance of benevolence.

The bad guys are winning folks, and they will continue to use time tested moral rhetoric to divide us into groups of people that will end up fighting over what is left of our democracy and our planet. As the top 1% continues to consolidate our wealth and power to the point that (regardless of our differences or similarities) the majority will be nothing more than slaves to the rich and powerful, moral reckoning will become the exclusive privilege of the ruling class. There is a global trend toward this model of governance and I for one believe we are at a critical point in the battle for the soul of our democracy here in the United States.

Morality is subjective. One person may believe that gay people should not be married, while a vegan may believe that animals of any kind should not be eaten. Humans will continue to influence and lobby each other for the application and meaning of morality for as long as we continue to exist. I think that is a healthy and necessary condition of humanity.  However, I will always maintain that once morality is imposed by one person or group over another (especially for the purpose of deception or vanity) we have lost the greatest moral entitlement of all time. Freedom. 


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