The problem is the solution.

What I want.

*Balanced economy. Equal pay. Fair tax code. 

*Minimum wage increases to reflect actual cost of living. $15/hr +

*Funding for UBI (Universal Basic Income) study and economic development with emphasis on the impact of automation and zeroing out of tax liabilities for income tax, social security, healthcare and other entitlement programs. We are going to have to make changes in how we structure our economy as we reduce dependency on fossil fuels and human labor. We have too. 

*GO GREEN. The jobs are there big oil/energy won't let us grow this economic powerhouse. Once again we have too.

*Although a bit vague here.....we must innovate for our manufacturing jobs to stay here. In my opinion it is better to develop new markets for manufacturing jobs at home than compete with unfair labor practices overseas on established markets. Once the jobs leave here they don't come back. Manufacturing is notoriously hostile toward sustainable income because it is contingent upon market conditions. Develop American, build American, buy American. Let's circulate our wealth instead of China's here at home. 

*Pour that concrete and fix those bridges. Nothing is better than fixing up our house. I have read estimates that we are behind $3-6 trillion in infrastructure spending. That will put some food on the table. Unless your favorite millionaire or billionaire wants to adopt you with the tax break they just got. 

*Paid college or vocational education.

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Automation will have an impact (like we’ve seen in the movies) very soon. Artificial Intelligence is already here and I cringe when I see that driverless semi trucks are going up and down the road right now. Corporations will want to get rid of people so they don’t have to pay for labor. We don’t even know the right questions to ask right now, which is why education has to be paramount in America’s goals. I do know that a stable sustainable economy will benefit the greatest number of people over the longest period of time. Booms come and go, but the negative downsides can be offset by anticipating future needs. One easy target for keeping people at work is pushing for a green economy. Solar, wind, battery technology, sustainable agriculture, environmental science and restoration, you know…..all the stuff rich oil companies and greedy wall street types hate. I would argue that we have a lot of solutions already to be implemented, but they are stifled by people that care more about their bank accounts than if you and I have a job or not.

I've been unemployed at various points in my lifetime and I know how  demoralizing it can be. People are naturally compelled to work and be contributing members of society. If a person truly doesn't want to work they will make up endless excuses as to why they can't. That doesn't excuse the responsibility of citizenry, and the government from setting good economic policy, labor protections and standards, and assigning tax revenue to stimulate or "nudge" the private sector in ways that are appropriate (green energy) for economic and environmental demands. If we can subsidize the oil industry, bail out Wall Street, the banks, the auto industry, insurance companies, and fund wars.....we can afford unemployment insurance, living wages, healthcare, retraining and education, paid leave/vacation, and corporate incentives to attract and keep industry here in Indiana, and the United States. Sounds great, right? Easier said then done.

Not all jobs are created equal. Since labor can be found elsewhere in the world at pennies on the dollar, or what I refer to as "slavery", there is no way we can compete with that here in the States. Which is exactly why we need to be on the leading edge of industry innovation and technology. If we close the doors on coal mines and manufacturing jobs, we need to offset those trends with meaningful equivalent or "better" reassignments economically.  If there is no demand for labor, there are no jobs. If there are no jobs, there won't be demand for labor. Investment in education cannot be overstated.

Contrary to what you may have heard, job creation is fostered by cooperation between the private and public sector. Corporations and small businesses utilize tax dollars and exemptions routinely to sustain and advance their interests. If those interests aren't about creating meaningful jobs here at home, it's a waste of tax dollars.  Subsidizing profits and global gains for private corporations must not be accepted when profit and job losses are socialized in the public sector. 

We can pretend that we operate in a free market economy but the reality is that our form of capitalism requires guidance, incentive, and redistribution of wealth by our government to create and protect jobs. The ultra wealthy (and several crooked politicians) understand this exceptionally well. That's why they fight so hard to lobby and control government while keeping us in the dark. Wouldn't it be great to have a quality respectful representative that understands what it means to be unemployed, and what we need to do to keep that from happening to you? Let's go to work.



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