Let’s build for tomorrow.

What I want.

*Develop tax revenues that will replace fuel taxes at the pump. 

*Properly fund public transportation expansion efforts. 

*Update electrical grid to meet 21st century demands.

*Increase federal funding to eliminate water insecurity.

*Funding for coastal protections in response to climate change.

*GO GREEN......electrical grid. 

*Spending bills that reflect our obligation to maintain our infrastructure, roads, bridges etc. We are trillions behind. Better bridges than bombs right?

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You could say I know a little about this. When I drive my semi over certain sections of interstate, my hands have literally been ripped away from the steering wheel from hitting rough road. There seems to be a lot of work going on, but we need to keep the pedal down on structural investment.  Cars aren’t going away and they may be powered or operated different, but I don’t see Americans changing their transportation habits anytime soon. We have to respect the promises we've made to ourselves by funding and fixing what’s broke so we can keep innovating. Tolls are not ideal sources of revenue in my opinion, so we are going to have to start asking serious questions about funding roads as fuel taxes diminish with the use of clean energy. Green projects can be incorporated into our plans. Water treatment facilities, recycling centers, waste management, and a green power grids are all good ways to create jobs and solve problems. I’m still waiting for bullet trains to connect our cities and if anyone flies frequently they know our airports could be upgraded in many places. I know one thing about climate change. If we can't balance the need for energy with mobility we will end up walking again. That's no fun.


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