We are a nation of immigrants and laws.

What I want.

*Immediate audit of DHS and ICE to identify abuses of power, policy, criminal conduct and inhumane actions relating to the search, extraction, isolation and incarceration of all alleged undocumented people. 

*Indictment and prosecution of all criminal conduct associated with ICE agents.

*Increased enforcement auditing employers that may be hiring undocumented workers. 

*Mandatory E-Verify confirmation by employers of workers employment eligibility. Currently voluntary except for government contractors.

*Immediate funding for processing pathway to citizenship for DACA participants.

*Continued support of immigration for refugees and humanitarian hardships.

*Continued family reunification programs. 

*Identify plausible merit based programs that are fair and congruent with American economic and labor market fluctuations.

*Automatic path to citizenship for military service members. 

*Pathway to citizenship for the nearly 10 million undocumented people that meet specific predetermined eligibility including but not limited to: ($1500.00 fine, background check, country of origin and reciprocity) 

*Continue humane but aggressive deportation efforts that will motivate undocumented people to come forward and participate in pathway to citizenship programs. People that do not participate and come forward run the risk of deportation and probably should be. I'd also like to remind folks that ICE is responsible for countering human slave trade and sex trafficking. There is a legitimate purpose to this branch of law enforcement and we cannot simply disband it.

*No wall. It is literally a stupid waste of tax dollars due to redundancy, inefficacy, and maintains a false sense of security and purpose. Israel has the most guarded border security on the planet and they can't even stop tunnels and illegal border crossings. The wall appears to be a propaganda wedge issue for the president.

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Like the Second Amendment this is one of our country's most heated debates. It doesn't have to be. We are a country of immigrants, but we are also a country laws. Everybody has to be somewhere and our country is founded upon a tradition of welcoming people everywhere on the planet. Our economy depends upon foreign labor and therefore we have an obligation to provide citizenship to those that are qualified and in some cases entitled to citizenship. I've heard enough about the pros and cons regarding this issue. The liabilities far out weigh the assets in doing nothing.

Undocumented people utilizing Emergency Rooms for dialysis while not being able to take advantage of public services that are generated by their tax dollars is just one example of how ridiculous this issue has become. There are no economic advantages to kicking this problem down the road unless you are an employer hiring labor illegally to cheat the system. No one picking cabbage in Texas or gutting swine carcasses in a Kansas meat packing plant is taking away the job of white people in Indiana or any other state. So let's keep it real and accommodate our labor and economic demands by legitimizing people that are already here and have already contributed greatly to our society. The data shows even at the state level here in Indiana that there are only economic disadvantages to ignoring this issue. Hoosier Up, and let's get this job done.


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