Healthcare is a necessity. Suffering is not.

What I want.

* Medicare for every citizen or documented resident. Straight up. No co-pays, no deductibles, no lifetime limits. Cradle to grave. This includes pharma, vision, dental, mental health, recovery. No exceptions, no excuses. If we got it you’ll get, and it will be with a smile.

*No paperwork. Period. Last thing people need in there lives is filling out paperwork when they are sick/old. No forms after program entry.  

*Universal MEDICARD smartcard system with all your information and history on it. Access anywhere in the country, walk in hand em the card boom 1f4a5.png💥 see a doctor. 

*Options.  Home healthcare, assisted living, daycare, work programs, meal assistance, transportation services, access to communication, preventive care and education. 

*I want insurance companies out. Training programs and transitional assistance for the employees that do the real work at insurance companies. Buy out labor contracts or healthcare providers as needed.

*Prevent insurance companies from raising premiums elsewhere so we aren’t paying $70,000 a year for car insurance. 

*Worldwide reciprocity with participating nations for emergency care.

*International cost sharing and purchase agreements.

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Expand Medicare or equivalent program to provide 100% coverage to all citizens.  I will not support lessor or inhumane legislation that allows profiteering from wellness, illness, or death. Let's leave the dark ages behind already. So simple. 


Help bring back Democracy By the People and For the People