No one is better than you, just different.

What I want.

*Respect for diversity.

*Legal protections for all vulnerable citizens to remain in place. 

*Equal pay for equal work.

*Equal access to government services.

*Hate crime legislation and protections for all vulnerable citizens.

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Equality is a tough subject for some people. It forces each one of us to reconcile with the universal law that none of us are superior or inferior in relation to one another. An oppressed human being starving to death in one part of the world has just as much right to live and prosper as those of us born into a country that has excessive wealth and opportunity.  

Most of us make the best of our circumstances while others take advantage of them, so it is not realistic to think we can live in harmony with everyone everywhere all the time. However, equality remains an irrevocable constant state of being human even when equitability is in question.

The United States has many contrasts revolving around equality and I have been guilty of discriminating against a group of minorities for which I now belong. Understanding, and then accepting that I am a gay man has taught me humility. I’ve realized that I am not in control of everything despite my past efforts to oppress and change others (including myself) to conform to religious or social norms. 

As we continue to evolve in our thinking, each generation must come to terms with what is acceptable in denying our equality in relation to each other. I believe none.

Equal rights are not “special” rights and the U.S. Constitution mandates that all people are equal and to be treated equally under our law. Equality is not an issue up for debate, and it certainly is not something that can be given or taken away by any authority. No one is your superior, nor are they inferior. Everyone is equal, like it or not. The faster people understand this, the faster we can move forward solving real problems. 

Ironically, as your Representative I will take an oath to protect the First Amendment rights of anyone that believes my homosexuality makes me an undesirable or unequal member of society. I have no problem protecting a person’s right to hate me and I will defend fiercely the freedoms of everyone even if they try to take mine away. The great thing about America is that we can agree to disagree and still protect each other from our worst behavior.


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