Are we asking the right questions?

What I want.

*Teachers, public schools, and the money to pay for them. No excuses.

*End to private school voucher programs unless full funding requirements are met at state and local levels. We aren't going to rob Peter to pay Paul when Peter doesn't have a say in Paul's school, but Paul has a say in Peter's school. Confused? Ask Peter, he's not happy.

*Eliminate interest on all tuition loans public or private. All interest paid on current loans will be refunded in the form of principle debt reduction. Education is a nation's long term investment, not a quarterly profit margin for a bank.

*Paid tuition at all public college, university or vocational/trade schools. Principle debt reduction or elimination for current students.

*School lunch funding that doesn't punish kids if their parents don't/can't pay.

*Flexible curriculum that rewards intellectual and creative preferences.

*Ease building code requirements for school structures. 

*Immediate funding for school districts incorporating renewable energy resources and food production.

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The trend toward school privatization with the use of tax payer funds or "vouchers" is a veil to siphon tax payer money from it's intended purpose to the pockets of people that are quite simply, "in it for the money". If our public schools are inadequate it is because we choose to have them that way.

I don't buy the argument that the use of public money for private education is about giving students choice. I think the intent is to allocate public funds to organizations that want to profit from and/or control student curriculum without the accountability, standards and democratic processes involved with public education.

I'm not sure I understand the premise that public tax dollars should be used for the privatization of schools when the institutions benefiting them are by definition, private. If you utilize private education for your children, why would you want the strings that are attached with public money? Tax payers are entitled to the oversight of public funds, and education is no exception. 

It is also imperative that college education or technical training be a viable option provided by our government with the expectation of civil or military service in exchange for tuition when and where appropriate. 

Public schools are cornerstones of our communities and of course democracy. Public education is the glue (or paste) that holds our future together. That in of itself may be a motive by some to obstruct the potential our public school systems have to inform and educate people in a neutral environment. Knowledge can almost become arbitrary without the guidance of great leadership and great teachers. Smart kids know the right answers. Brilliant kids know the right questions. The same applies to adults. Let's start asking the right questions when funding education.


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