No more economic bubbles.

What I want.

*Guys like Steve Mnuchin to end up in jail when they break the law. 

*Increase wages to reflect actual cost of living conditions.

*Enforce Dodd-Frank.

*Increase Social Security in advance of "cola" projections. 

*Increase capital gains tax.

*Harsh regulations for on-line and predatory lenders.

*Ease lending restrictions for small business.

*Emphasis on a balanced economy. Balanced budgets will follow. 

*Increase tax incentives that reward companies to reinvest in our economy instead of quarterly profits. 

*Reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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Ideal economies are sustainable economies with minimal or modest growth (some economists even recommend contraction) to prevent exhaustion of our natural resources and the destruction of our planet. This is achieved through responsible fiscal policy, balanced budgets and a fair tax code that prevents money from being “log jammed” at the highest income levels. 

Money is not just a possession, it is part of our economic infrastructure and must circulate in order to be useful to the broadest extent of our economy. Minimum wage is shamefully inadequate for our living standards and economic sustainability. As a consequence we need to be careful with how, when and where we implement wage increases. Objectivity is essential when setting fiscal policy. Several major U.S. cities have increased the minimum wage with terrific results and I am encouraged that trend will continue with or without federal mandates. 

Wealth should be attainable in our country and the most equitable way to do this is with a robust sustainable economy that elevates the quality of life for all Americans. Capitalism is a cornerstone of democracy. Greed, slavery, and theft is not. Wall Street and corporate America must be carefully regulated to prevent runaway economies without removing incentive for innovation, wealth and good old fashioned American know how.


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