Climate Change

What you don’t know will hurt you.

What I want.

*Implement an incremental carbon tax (no cap and trade) in cooperation with global efforts.
Revenues shall be used to offset the economic and sociological impact of climate change.

* https://citizensclimatelobby.o... Here's How We Get It Done!

*Full continued compliance with Paris Accord. 

*Exceed Paris Accord agreements.

*Completely renewable energy grid in full operation on or before 2030 including all of North America.  

*Fund expansion of aquaculture production to eliminate or offset agriculturally produced methane.

*100% Zero emission passenger vehicles by 2030. 

*Eliminate or reduce use of hydrocarbons for polymers, fertilizer, and toxic chemicals where ever possible. 

*Global leadership in renewable energy technology. Let's power the world.

*National Defense budget that is ready to meet climate change threats.

*Agriculture programs and incentives that reduce or eliminate methane.

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The science is clear. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and our planet burns up, too little  and our planet freezes. We already have solutions that could have been implemented decades ago and there are a few countries that are already 100% powered with renewable energy. Solar power cost around .03 cents per kWh while electricity provided by fossil fuels averages around .12 cents per kWh in the United States. Corporate energy and "Big Oil" are well aware of this and they are doing everything they can to deceive us while obstructing the future of more localized renewable power sources. 

In response to climate change I propose an incremental carbon tax (per ton) starting at a modest level right out of the ground when our fossil fuels are extracted. Revenues generated will offset the impact associated with the economic and sociological burdens of climate change especially to consumers and the poor.

Essentially what is at the root of our dysfunctional politics today is a global war being waged for or against the use of fossil fuels. Make no mistake, it is a war. The fact remains the world economy is still an oil economy. Those that wish to continue utilizing fossil fuels to the maximum extent of our technology have trillions of dollars to lose if we reform our energy production and use. After all the sun is free, coal and oil are not. Climate change places all of humanity at stake, but that doesn't seem to bother those that will benefit in the short term. Like every war in history humans and the planet are expendable casualties.

Few politicians are willing to frame the issue in such a bold narrative. Think of the broad spectrum of corporations that depend on hydrocarbons to produce or manufacture their products. Then check the list of corporate donations given to that politician. To be fair, we the consumers are waging this global war upon ourselves. It is past time that we call for peace, because this is a war that can't be won before it's too late. We will not be able reverse the global consequences of our consumption before we run out of fossil fuel. For this reason, I propose a 100% complete termination of electricity produced in the United States by fossil fuels no later than 2030. I'm sure corporate energy will have their minions of propaganda out in full force to make sure that does not happen. Let them. I view corporate energy's opposition to renewable energy as evidence pointing to the viability of making this transition, and making it happen within the next decade.  We have a choice to make, it must be the correct one. 

If you believe global warming is a hoax, just remember that the wealthiest people will have access to the best living conditions on the planet, while the rest of us suffer from our inability to overcome corporate energy. Furthermore, even if climate change is a hoax, does that entitle us to pollute the air we breath or the water we drink? Just to give you a little more perspective, the planet will continue on without us if we choke ourselves out of existence.

We need the Earth, it doesn’t require our survival. It is time to make smart choices before the planet doesn’t give us any choices to make.  It's real easy to keep putting this problem on the back burner, but Earth will eventually rid itself much of humanity if we choose not to cooperate with our home. This is our fatalistic challenge for life as we understand it.


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