Citizens United and Election Reform

It's all about the money. It won't stop until you make it stop. Can we please make it stop?

What I want.

*Repeal of Citizens United 

*Only publicly funded campaigns for federal offices. 

*Ban individual fundraising through the primary election.

*No self funded campaigns. Like Trey Hollingsworth.

*Fundraising caps for local and state offices.

*Limit campaign advertising to 6 weeks prior to election.

*For candidates to stop taking corporate donations while bemoaning corporate donations.

*For legislators and candidates to sign anti corruption contracts like I have.

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Money and greed is the poisonous root of most all politics. It is unrealistic to think that campaigns, candidates and elected representatives are going to run their campaigns without money. However, I do believe that campaign finance in conjunction with Citizens United has rendered the election process completely corrupt and therefore worthless. In my view, candidates that need to fund raise and spend such excessive and perverse amounts of money to win an election are deficient in their ability to hold office. The viability and value of our candidates has regressed to their ability to raise money. This model for our electoral process MUST stop.

Quality candidates to choose from on election day are the result of personally invested Americans, not money. Money doesn't fix stupid, and it certainly can't buy intelligence for our representatives. Much of the information I have sourced regarding a candidate's attributes concludes that people view and even favor their political leaders as dumb, confident and benign. I have to concur those traits seem to dominate in politics, but I do not accept it. Neither should you.

So how do so many dumb or corrupt politicians get elected? Money. The irony of PACS supporting candidates to end PACS is almost too much for me to rationalize. Of course money translates to advertising and other campaign momentum and that does have value when used responsibly. What it can't do is make our problems go away if all we do is try to outspend each other to win. Money in politics doesn't equate to competence or change in policy, because it's designed to prevent that. Who's kidding who?


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