How can a weed cost us so much?

What I want.

*Immediate legalization of cannabis for personal use. 

*Push funding to subsidize science, industry, medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical application of cannabis. 

*Remove cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic by the DEA. 

*Work with industry leaders to maintain safe commercial production, access and taxation of cannabis products while protecting small businesses and the right to produce cannabis products for personal use without government oversight similar to home alcohol production laws.

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I don’t see how people can make such a fuss about marijuana when we have such a terrible problem with opioid abuse, meth, and heroin addictions right here in Indiana. I know there is a huge amount of misinformation about our drug problem or how to deal with it. Drug use may be a crime, but it is a health and wellness issue first. We do not treat these problems with the respect they deserve, and it is extremely difficult to change attitudes when people have simply dismissed the issue as someone else’s problem. Marijuana has been lumped into a category that I think is antiquated, and the money used to criminalize it is an absolute waste of tax dollars when we could be using it as a tax revenue to fight actual drug abuse. The science behind cannabis is remarkable and I think the real reason for any lingering negative social stigma has more to do with big pharmaceutical corporations defending their market shares. I’ll support legalization or decriminalization where ever I can because I think it helps people more than it creates problems. In fact it will solve a lot problems. Commercial sales should be regulated and taxed. I will also add that people that are going to use it, are already using it and they aren’t going to stop. I’ll also venture that more than a few lawmakers bemoaning drug use would not pass a drug test if given one. My current occupation requires me to be drug free and sober, not judgmental or inhumane.



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