A life without choices?

What I want.

*For women to maintain complete control over their bodies OR draft and pass legislation that allows women to control the reproductive rights of men. I really don't see any other fair alternative to satisfy our Constitutional obligations to each other from a reproductive starting point. It sounds silly, but it puts it in prospective. Are we all equal, or not? 

*Options. Funding for adoption and education programs that promote full term pregnancy. 

*Harsher sentences for rape related pregnancies.

*Single Payer/Medicare for all.

*Social and personal responsibility, conception prevention, continued preventive education for young people.

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Has anyone else ever noticed that we’ve been fighting this battle for over 40 years and yet election cycle after election cycle it is the same heated argument over and over again with zero change? Why? Politicians know it's a settled issue "for now" under the Constitution and can safely use the topic to polarize their constituency. Considering the moral ambiguity, and the emotional investment people make regarding abortion, I think   manipulating the issue for votes is perverse and cruel in of itself. It is also disrespectful and condescending to circumvent any woman from making this decision of her own accord.

 Many of us struggle with the reality of abortion regardless of our political or moral beliefs. For some, it's cut and dry with no compromise, and I envy their conviction. Our bodies are sacred, and yes so is life. Which is exactly why decisions like this are best left to the people they most directly affect......themselves.

I’m sorry if that disappoints some of my potential voters, sincerely. If we assume to have legal governmental authority to force a woman to have a full term pregnancy, we must assume the possibility of the inverse authority to force her to abort the pregnancy. The government of China has historically been a champion of controlling reproduction after conception. Boys were favored and brought to term while girls often faced termination.  

Enter in the age of gene isolation or selectivity, and the issue of abortion remaining a personal decision between a woman and her doctor doesn’t seem to be such a moral abyss when you start to think about a government making those decisions for us. Remember less government is suppose to be a good thing, right?

Democracy is not easy and often a double edged sword. Sometimes we have to make concessions if we are to be free. If you are exclusively Pro Life, you should understand the legal obligation of our courts and our legislators to protect the privacy of all citizens under the 4th & 14th Amendment (among others) of our Constitution. As much as I don’t care for abortion, (and I’ve never met anyone that does) I understand that flipping Roe vs. Wade would be a huge mistake because it would set a legal precedent for our government to completely crush all areas of our constitutional right to privacy and due process.

Some of our most divisive issues are actually protecting us from becoming a police state where the government can completely undermine the very freedoms we must have to actually be free. Because Roe vs. Wade was fought on the grounds of a woman’s right to privacy with her doctor as well as other significant protections, we can’t change law or precedent for one set of circumstances while keeping it in place for another without weighing the Constitutionality. Not without consequences greater than the problem trying to be solved. Any candidate that makes broad sweeping promises to end abortion has taken it upon themselves to undermine other Constitutional rights that we all are entitled too. Make no mistake this is an ugly, uncomfortable gray area of our Constitution and I do not expect the debate to end anytime soon. In retrospect, I think the issue has become not one of Constitutional affordability but one of division for politicians to capitalize on to keep certain voters on both sides of this issue to vote consistently. It works, but not for progress on this issue or any others. 

I empathize with any person that doesn’t understand this dilemma, and I think we are better off fighting abortion by supporting access to women’s healthcare, birth control, adoption, education, and funding to take care of the social needs of women and their children after pregnancy. That takes more commitment, compassion and respect than just picketing in front of a Planned Parenthood. Get involved and help people make the choices you think are morally sound while protecting your own civil rights and the civil rights of the people that may disagree with you. That's what America is about.


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